Travel Packing

I love to travel, there is no question about it. I love the thrill of getting on a plane or in a car and going somewhere. However with adventure requires packing a bag of clothes and this can be a real challenge, especially when you have weight restrictions. So to overcome these packing issues I plan my outfits ahead of the adventure by laying out my favourite clothes on the floor and then pairing each item together to create outfits. If something does not work with more than two items of clothing, it is out. This way I can be sure that when I haven’t done my washing for a week or so what is left in my suitcase will be guaranteed to match something, making me look half decent. This method is how I got by on one 16kg suitcase for 6 months travelling.

Here is my list of items you need when packing;


Rain Jacket

Sir Ranulph Fiennes said “there is no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing”. So with that I always pack a rain jacket as you can never predict the weather.

Denim Jacket

I go everywhere with my denim jacket. It is cosy, heavy duty and is an essential item for day to night wear.


White and Black Vest or Singlet

They are lightweight, easy to wash with no iron needed, and pair back with every outfit.

Cotton Shirt

A classic cotton shirt is breathable and practical especially when you need to cover up when visiting sights.

Cotton Tee

An essential item as it goes with everything, but also cotton is breathable, lightweight and easy to clean on the go.



Versatile and who doesn’t love wearing a pair of jeans on cooler days.

Relaxed Pants

These are my go to pants for travel days as they are so comfortable. You can also easily dress them up with your sandals and a vest for a night out.

Denim Shorts

A wardrobe essential for warm days – easy to wear, comfortable and durable.


A lightweight, non-iron dress is a must. It can be worn from day to night and will make your travel wardrobe look dressy for those occasions when you need to spruce up.


Two Piece Matching Sets

Matching top and skirt combos are my favourite pieces of clothing. They are lightweight, breathable and versatile. I wear them as either a set or split the set up and wear a vest/singlet with the skirt and a pair of shorts or jeans with the top.

Sports Gear


Great for exercise and outdoor adventures. They are also great for lazy days.

Sport Singlets

I normally have two just in case as one’s never enough!


On really hot days there is nothing like getting your legs out to exercise.



I like to keep active when I am travelling so I always have a pair to exercise in, or for outdoor activities.



The shoes for every occasion. Smart enough for evenings, but also comfortable and practical for day time exploring.

Jandals/Thongs/Flip Flops

What ever you call them, these are the great for the beach and if you are sharing communal bathrooms, they keep your feet clean from nasties.


This is my favourite item in my packing list as it has so many uses. You can tie it around your head to cover your unruly hair, wrap around your neck to keep you cosy and warm, use it as a beach towel, cover your arms and shoulders for temples and sacred places, wrap it around like a sarong or use it as a blanket. The most versatile accessory you will use.

Of course you will need to pack the basics like underwear and toiletries, so don’t forget these. But I will leave that packing list to you as everyone has different requirements.

Now that your packing list is sorted, now all you need to do is plan your next trip.

Summary of Packing list:

Rain Jacket

Denim Jacket

Black Vest

White Vest

Cotton Shirt

Cotton Tee


Relaxed Pants

Denim Shorts


Matching Set

Sports Legging

Sports Top

Sport Shorts





Happy travels

Lisa x

Image taken in Oaxaca, Mexico – This is my favourite two piece matching top and skirt set.

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