The Neck Scarf

Do you ever look at your classic jeans and tee combo and wish it looked a little edgy or wished your white shirt looked a little more chic? The trick to reinventing these classic looks is to accessorise, and the neck scarf has become the new age accessory to help redefine those outfits. 
I have been collecting silk scarves for years now, from rummaging through vintage stores to ‘borrowing’ from my mum’s wardrobe (sorry Mum you won’t be getting these back). The beautiful prints and vibrant colours always catch my eye and if I am struggling to make an outfit work I always add a neck scarf to make it feel fresh and different.

If you are starting out and not yet confident to brave the bold, try a subtle floral print or a solid dark colour, but if you are like me, be adventurous and try a vibrant colour or print.
There are many different ways to style the neck scarf so here are a few ideas to get you started.
The Neck Scarf

Wrap it around your neck a few times leaving enough at the end to tie a knot. You can either twist the knot to the side of a Parisian look or turn it to the back for an edgy urban look. 

Image: Captured by the talented Kim Nicole Photography

The Head Scarf

To tame wild hair wrap a scarf a few times around the head, bring the two loose ends to the front and twist the ends together to make one tight end. Then wrap the twisted end around the front in a circle into a knot. Tuck the lose end into the middle of the knot (image below). 

The Bag Scarf

Add a touch of chic to your bag by tying a printed scarf to the strap. It is also really helpful on luggage when travelling. I use one on my suitcase so when I am waiting at the airport luggage carousel I can spot my scarf first before my standard black suitcase. 

The Safari Scarf

Or you can go all out and wrap a scarf around your head and face leaving only the eyes for a mysterious look.

For more ideas and images on how to wear the neck scarf check out the link The Neck Scarf
Lisa Robyn