The Neck Scarf

Do you ever look at your classic jeans and tee combo and wish it looked a little edgy or wished your white shirt looked a little more chic? The trick to reinventing these classic looks is to accessorise, and the neck scarf has become the new age accessory to help redefine those outfits. 
I have been collecting silk scarves for years now, from rummaging through vintage stores to ‘borrowing’ from my mum’s wardrobe (sorry Mum you won’t be getting these back). The beautiful prints and vibrant colours always catch my eye and if I am struggling to make an outfit work I always add a neck scarf to make it feel fresh and different.

If you are starting out and not yet confident to brave the bold, try a subtle floral print or a solid dark colour, but if you are like me, be adventurous and try a vibrant colour or print.
There are many different ways to style the neck scarf so here are a few ideas to get you started.
The Neck Scarf

Wrap it around your neck a few times leaving enough at the end to tie a knot. You can either twist the knot to the side of a Parisian look or turn it to the back for an edgy urban look. 

Image: Captured by the talented Kim Nicole Photography

The Head Scarf

To tame wild hair wrap a scarf a few times around the head, bring the two loose ends to the front and twist the ends together to make one tight end. Then wrap the twisted end around the front in a circle into a knot. Tuck the lose end into the middle of the knot (image below). 

The Bag Scarf

Add a touch of chic to your bag by tying a printed scarf to the strap. It is also really helpful on luggage when travelling. I use one on my suitcase so when I am waiting at the airport luggage carousel I can spot my scarf first before my standard black suitcase. 

The Safari Scarf

Or you can go all out and wrap a scarf around your head and face leaving only the eyes for a mysterious look.

For more ideas and images on how to wear the neck scarf check out the link The Neck Scarf
Lisa Robyn


Vintage Denim

With all fashion trends, one day they’re in, and the next, they’re out. So it should come as no surprise that the skinny jean is now out and the vintage jean is in. 
The vintage jean (or known as the straight leg jean) has been making appearances on the runway and high street being coined as this season’s ‘it’ jean. With its high waist, straight leg and distressed wash, it is a nod to both the rugged rocker look and the so-Cal vibe. With its versatile appearance it can be worn all year round and suits most body shapes. 
Finding the perfect vintage jean can be found in three easy steps;

The right shape

Although the leg of the jean will be straight, make sure the pair of jeans fits correctly around the waist and hips. A good fit in this area will help the straight leg fall nicely giving you the appearance of a long slender leg.

Vintage wash

Denim can be washed in many variations but for a true vintage jean find a denim wash with a blue and white base with a grainy appearance. Think 70’s mid wash as this wash has more longevity in a straight leg jean.

Find your style

There are many design details of a vintage jean – from abrasions, rips, frayed hems, rolled hems and everything in between. However don’t be overwhelmed, find a pair that suits your style that gives you the authentic vintage feel to your wardrobe this season.

The Essentials

Have you ever stood in front of your wardrobe, stared blankly and said ‘I have nothing to wear’? I do, like every night. I spend about 20 minutes every day going through my wardrobe searching for something to wear. Some days I am inspired and pull together a great outfit, and then other days I lose all hope. If only my wardrobe looked like Carrie Bradshaw’s, I am sure getting dressed would be so much easier. But for those ‘I have nothing to wear’ days  we need to start with the essentials.

The essentials, staples, key items, must-haves (or what ever you call them) are timeless pieces that build the foundation of your wardrobe making those tough days dressing so much easier.
Here is my list of eight ‘essentials’ that everyone must have in their wardrobe;
The Leather Jacket

It is one of the most versatile jackets you could own as it can be dressed up for work or a night out, and also dressed down for a casual weekend brunch. I suggest to invest in a good quality jacket as it will last a lifetime.

The Denim Jacket

This jacket is the perfect partner for chilled weekends, casual work days, and anything in between.

The Denim Jean

You can wear jeans in the weekend, on casual workdays, actually almost any occasion really. It is important to have a pair that fits you correctly as there is nothing less attractive than seeing someone wear jeans that are too small or a big around the waist, so it’s best to invest in a good quality pair that fits you.

The White Tee

This is the most basic item you can own, it is easy to wear and is the canvas for many outfits. Invest in a good cotton blend tee as it will hold shape and if you ever accidentally mix your white tee with your darks in the wash, it can be easily bleached back to white.

The Breton Stripe Tee

Parisian chic for both women and men, it goes with everything from jeans to dress pants and can be worn from Summer to Winter. It’s a dressier version of the plain white tee.

The White Shirt
A crisp white shirt is fresh, sophisticated and brings class to an outfit. Wear with jeans for a casual look, a pair of trousers for a dressy look and add a few accessories for your own personal flair.

The Little Black Dress

A simple black dress is your most trusted versatile item in your wardrobe. Add a pair of heels and statement jewellery for work or a night out, pair back with sneakers for those casual weekends, or team back with a pair of sandals for a BBQ or brunch. Before you know it you have three outfits with one dress.

The Sports Jacket

This jacket will instantly dress up any outfit whether it is for a formal occasion or a business meeting. With its tailored lapel it gives the casual appearance but commands resepect like a suit jacket making you look effortlessly good. 










Black – Out

Have you ever walked into a store found the perfect dress but then ask the Sales Assistant “Does this come in Black?”. If you have, you have entered into the ‘Play it Safe with Black’ game. Black is a uniform colour as it flatters everyone’s skin tone and suits all body shapes but it wont make you stand out.

How to get heads turning in a crowd? Wear colour! Colour will accentuate your best assets, make your skin glow and will turn those heads in the sea of black.

I often hear customers and friends tell me that they don’t feel comfortable wearing colour, but they are often wearing the wrong colour for their skin tone. Everyone is different and not all colours are created the same so it is important to identify what skin tone you are first, before you start wearing colour.

The colour of our skin changes as the seasons change so we need to go skin deep and identify the tone of our skin, not the colour of our skin. To do this, make sure your skin is clean and free from any make up or lotions. If you have washed your face wait about half an hour to an hour for your skin to settle and for any redness to reduce. Note:  This guide is not just for women, it is for everybody – men included.

With a blank white piece of paper and a mirror go into natural light. Hold the piece of paper up to your face and compare the colour of your skin to the colour of the paper. If your skin looks yellowish, greenish or light brown you have a warm skin tone. If your skin looks pink, blue or rosy you have a cool skin tone. If your skin looks grey or ashen compared to the paper you have a neutral skin tone.

Next step is to turn your palms facing up and have a look at your veins in your wrists and palms. What colour are your veins? If your veins look green you have a warm skin tone. If your veins looks purple or blue you have a cool skin tone. If you can’t tell between green veins or blue you will have a neutral skin tone.

With your known skin tone let’s see what colours you should be wearing.

Warm Skin Tone

Warm Colours: Red, coral, orange, amber, honey gold and yellow.

Cool Colours: Olive, moss, deep turquoise, magenta, orchid and violet-red.

Neutral Colours: Cream, taupe, latte, winter white.

Avoid: Icy colours such as jewel sapphire, ruby and amethyst.


Cool Skin Tone

Warm Colours: Ruby, bright rosy red, pale yellow.

Cool Colours: Bright blue, royal blue, emerald, deep purple, lavender, ice blue and pink.

Neutral Colours: Grey, bright white and navy.

Avoid: Orange, tomato red, and bright yellow.


Neutral Skin Tone

Warm Colours: Dusty pink, soft rose, yellow.

Cool Colours: Lagoon blue, jade green, cameo green.

Neutral Colours: Off white, vanilla, coffee, mid grey.

Avoid: Anything too bright such as electric blue and magenta


Now you know what colours you should be wearing, it is time to get that Black Out of your wardrobe and give colour a go. Don’t fall back into routine and ask the shop assistant for the black, ask for that colour.

Enjoy and have fun with it. Tag or send me your outfits of colour, I would love to see them.


Lisa Robyn




The Reason


My passion for fashion started young. At three years old I first started modelling for fashion television commercials and at eight my creative mother taught me how to cut patterns and sew clothes. Through my years at school I studied Fabrics and Textiles where my designs were awarded Supreme Wearable Art awards.

With a Business Degree in Marketing and Consumer Behaviour, a Diploma in Pattern-making, Construction and Design, and studied Footwear Fit and Construction at SATRA, I has extensive technical knowledge and understands how and why people shop.

With six years experience as a Fashion Buyer, I has used my creative vision and worked with designers and garment technicians to develop collections that are fashionable to suit everyone’s needs. As well as developing own product I have been a Branded Buyer for menswear labels Levi Strauss & Co., Riders by Lee, Calvin Klein, Pierre Cardin, Van Heusen, GANT, Lacoste and Ben Sherman.


With a creative flair and ability to creative cohesive and on trend looks, I have worked with Art Directors for six years on photo shoots to create head to toe looks for catalogue, online and social channels. I’ve styled people for interviews, corporate work attire, special occasions, evening events, the Queen’s garden party, festivals, holidays outfits, weekend casual looks and everything in between.


My mission is to educate people to buy sustainable products, buying quality over quantity and to inspire people to add a dose of vintage to their wardrobe to help reduce the cycle of waste created by the fashion industry.

I will be sharing my styling tips, what to wear ideas and key fashion trends to help you to create a style that is unique for you.


Lisa Robyn